Our wines


Xinomavro 100%11,5% Vol

Vin claire fermented spontaneously and aged in steel tank, second fermentation in bottle and fined on the lees 18-24 months before degorging. Fulcrum of our production is the full expression of the place, a carefree walk among vineyards and wild thyme.


Xinomavro 100%11,5% Vol

Vin claire obtained from short maceration and aged in steel tank, second fermentation in bottle and fined 12-18 months before degorging. It is the rosé you might not expect, rich in fruit but extremely savory and crunchy, sunny and immediate.


Assyrtiko 50% - Chardonnay 50%12% Vol

The grapes are harvested, vinified and aged separately in exhausted wooden barrels before blending which anticipates bottling. Second fermentation in the bottle and fined at least 24 months before degorging. A wine that tries to measure the potential of the place, taking to the extreme the union between earth and sky, between soil and sun. Elegance, depth and creaminess.


Xinomavro 100% from single ungrafted vineyard11,5% Vol

A unique vineyard where white is blinding and light crystallizes time. Our attempt is to draw from it a very simple Classic Method Sparkling wine in its manufacture (it ages only in steel tanks and remains on the lees for 18 to 24 months) to give full breath to the Genius Loci. The wine is the place and the place is the wine.

AETOS – PGI Florina (Still Dry White)

Roditis Alepou 97% - Xinomavro 3%11,5% Vol

Still wine obtained from fermentation in white in exhausted wood of two grapes that are blended in spring for a short stabilization before bottling. Skeletal and ethereal, impalpable in the body and deep in taste. The mountain in the glass, its spring waters, fruits and resins.

ARKOUDA - PGI Florina (Still Dry Red)

Xinomavro 65% - Limniona 35%11,6% Vol

Xinomavro vinified in steel tanks and Limniona in exhausted casks in order to enhance the tactile and aromatic characteristics of the two grapes. Very accurate blend to seek perfect harmony and create a synergistic game between two stories that alternate and become one. A wine destined to strike immediately and to grow over time.

XINOMAVRO Vielle Vigne – PDO Amyntheo

Xinomavro 100%11,5% Vol

Grapes harvested from a single 60-year-old ungrafted vineyard, facing southwest and located near the lake from which it receives the necessary humidity in the driest seasons. A whimsical and stubborn vineyard of great character and unique potential. Amyntheo's wine, Amyntheo's Xinomavro.